Things To Do In The City Of Porto Alegre

Best things to do in Porto Alegre RS Brasil

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The city of Porto Alegre Brazil has very many tourist attraction sites which you can explore and do different activities you enjoy.

There are very many things tourists can do in this city. Among the activities are:

1. Exploring Museums. In the city, there is the PUCRS Museum where you can see and learn about the different kinds of animals and other artifacts that you have never seen anywhere else.

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2. Watching Arena do Gremio. This is among the biggest arena in the world and will be an enjoyable place with your family to come watch soccer matches that are played in the stadium. You will enjoy how people cheer the games inside the stadium.

3. Sightseeing In Guabia Lake. The lake is the best place for tourists to walk around and get to watch beautiful views and also watch the sunset. In the lake, you can also take different foods to eat from the wonderful stores available.

4. Visiting Fundacao Ibere Camargo. It’s among the most beautiful place where you can get a caf and a museum inside. There are various exhibitions that you would like to see and learn about in Porto Alegre

5. Walking in Moinhos de Vento Park. In the park, you will get to feel the touch of nature when you can tour around the park and watch the swans and ducks that are in the lake. For your family, the kids will enjoy the visit through in the section of entertainment. The place is also good for reading books because it’s quiet.

6. Visiting the Metropolitan Cathedral. You will also get to visit the ancient cathedral which is a big landmark in Brazil. It’s well preserved and the moment you get to the cathedral, you will feel like you are in heaven.

7. Appreciating nature in botanical gardens. In the city, there are botanic gardens where you can have picnics and have the feel of the cool environment. In the garden, you can watch different birds, flowers, trees and also butterflies.

8. Go shopping. There are various malls and markets where you can shop whatever you need during your visit. You can also buy things that will be a reminder of the place you visited.

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